Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Is your mailing package discreet?
A: Yes, I use plain bubble mailers and the business name on the package label will appear as A.M. on all outgoing mail.

Q: Do you take Custom Orders?
A: Yes, you can build a custom anklet by visiting the Customize page on my website.

Q: What if my package doesn't arrive?
A: First Class Mail Service does NOT include package delivery insurance, therefore any missing packages are not the seller's responsibility as long as the USPS tracking information confirms a "delivered status" . It is helpful to check with your neighbors and see if they received anything for you , if not it may show up the following day. I will try to assist all customers with any order issues, but please understand that missing packages are the responsibility of the USPS, not the seller.
*Consider upgrading to "Priority Mail" Shipping Service which Includes *Package Insurance and is also an *Expedited option.

Q: Is VAT (Value Added Tax) included in the purchase price?
A: No, VAT is Not included because the amount owed can vary from country to country. If any VAT charges are to be collected on imported items, you will be notified by your local customs office.